Since the last woggle Beavers have been very busy, we sent quite a few up to Cubs and gained a couple of new ones. We have also got a new helper called Jo who the Beavers have named Squirrel so i would like to welcome her on-board.  Activities wise we have had 3 major events the first been the Beavers 25th birthday bash, this was well attended and we all had fun doing party games and then the band played us Happy Birthday, a very memorable event.  The second event was St Georges day which was hosted by us the 11th, the Beavers helped with the presentation and did us proud.  Our last event was the biggest and the best it was Big Camp, I took 9 of them to the Harrogate showground for 24hours where we camped with over 5000 other scouters and did lots of very exciting activities please take a look at our web site to see the pictures. At the end of the 24hours I don’t know who was more exhausted me or the kids !   We will be finishing for the summer on Thurs 18th July and returning on Thurs 13th Sept where we will be receiving some new young beavers. Have a good summer and see you all in Sept.