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The Scout Association regards certain items of uniform to be key, while others are optional. The Leaders considered all the options available and adopted the uniform regime outlined below.

The Group Gold Necker (Group Scarf) for all Sections.  On appropriate occasions, Explorer Scouts instead wear the Spen valley District Explorer Necker

All Sections wear plain black or navy shoes.  Small heal only (25mm maximum).  Given the preferences of young people, dark black or navy trainers will be accepted provided they are plain, without coloured fanciness!

All Sections wear long, navy Scout activity (combat) trousers.  Skirts are not worn as uniform.

Beaver Scouts
Beaver Scouts (6 to 8 years) wear turquoise crew neck sweatshirts.

Beaver Scout Badge Positions

Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts (8 to 10.5 years) wear dark green crew neck sweatshirts.

Cub Scout Badge Positions

Scouts (10.5 to 14 years) wear teal green smart shirts or blouses.  Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Scout Network also wear a dark brown leather belt with a Scout buckle.

Scout Badge Position