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Membership Subscriptions

At present each young person’s annual membership fee to the 11th Spen Valley Scout Group is £120.

The funds collected are used by the Group are used to make a number of payments including:

  1. An annual membership to Scout Headquarters in London;
  2. An annual contribution to the running costs for West Yorkshire Scouts, Spen Valley District Scouts & Fan Wood Campsite; and
  3. The remainder going towards the general upkeep and maintenance of our headquarters, insurance for your child whilst on scouting activities and the 1001 other items needed to run a successful Scout Group.

No doubt you are aware that none of this money is paid to our leaders, who all give of their time and talents voluntarily.

There will be a requirement for a £10 per month direct debit to be set up for each young person

Please click the link below to go to our partner (Go Cardless) to setup a direct debit to pay your monthly subscription

As many of will be aware, the subscriptions you pay to the 11th Spen Valley Scout Group are treated as payments which comply with the Gift Aid Scheme run by the Government which allows charities such as our scout group to reclaim the tax proportion of any such payment from the HMRC. Such arrangements have no impact on the tax position of the tax payer.

As a consequence, when we move to the new system it will mean that the parent who makes the bank transfer is a UK tax payer. If you run a joint bank account this should not make a difference. If however, one of you is a UK tax payer and the partner is not, but you run separate bank accounts, it will be necessary for the UK tax payer to pay the membership subscriptions so that we can still claim the gift aid relief.

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